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A very warm welcome to you!

This is the place to be when you want to add some magic and music to your life!

Our album, A Whole New World, is a classic hero's journey from darkness to light. The main character, Kulna, is traversing the darker side of human love relationships when he begins to hear strange voices that he doesn't understand.

As he starts to comprehend the voices, they tell him they are angels. Kulna comes to believe them.

This opera has many themes, but one that seems to stand out is "when the heart is aching, listen to your angels."

Whether these voices are truly angelic beings or parts of Kulna's own mind is a matter for the listener to decide; but, no matter the source of these voices, they do seem to elevate Kulna and bring him out of his despair.

But will he continue to choose the world of the angels?

We are delighted you're here. We create Rock Opera music. We wanted to extend the magic of Kulna's journey into many items we use on a regular basis. This helps to bring magic into our daily lives.

As we continue to expand our shop, we encourage your feedback, your reviews, and photos of you with magical music & merchandise!

Thank you for supporting independent music, and making this magical community even better by being part of it all.

Alaeddin is a 7 piece rock band, fronted by Emo Alaeddin and co-produced by Guy Babusek.

All our music belongs to the angels to whom we owe everything, including our unending gratitude.

Music is well said to be the speech of angels. --Thomas Carlyle

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